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 It was in a little house in Dobson, North Carolina when five-year-old Jason Martin finally got up the nerves to sing in front of his family. You see, music was always a part of family tradition at the Martin house and on the weekends Jason’s family all took turns singing. Now it was Jason’s turn.

  He picked out the song ‘’ Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys’’ by his musical heroes Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. It wasn’t perfect by any means but with encouragement of his family he continued to sing and hone his skills.

  Three years later, at age 8, he was thrust into his first public performance at Poplar Springs Baptist Church in Siloam, North Carolina. The audience was impressed and, although nervous, he continued to sing at church, school events, street performances and local festivals.

   When he was a student at Surry Central High School in Dobson, North Carolina, He picked up a guitar and learned a few chords. He enjoyed sitting on the front porch playing and singing. As he grew older he often found lyrics would creep into his head and then one day it happened,- he wrote a complete song. Since then, he has written a lot of songs.

   With the encouragement of his wife and family he decided to dive into recording some of his songs. He worked with John Rees at the Godschild Recording Studio in Mt.Airy, North Carolina and later decided to make a dream trip to Nashville to work with award-winning producer Dick McVey and renowned voice coach, Deb Klingbel. The result is a six-song EP all written by Jason. He is also announcing his first single release from the EP titled ‘’ Lyin’ Eyes’’ to be released in June, 2021. Jason is excited for the new release but strangely enough his goal is not to become a star but to touch people with his music. ‘’ I just want people to relate to my songs, ‘’he states, ‘’I want people to feel what I feel – happy or sad. Or chill to let’s party. I love God, Country and Family.’’

    Jason continues to perform locally in North Carolina but will also be making a push to get his band out on the road. He adds ‘’I want to do everything I can to get the song played and to be able to go out and perform it live with the band.’’

   After achieving every goal Jason has set for himself up to now, he is determined to take the next step into getting his music heard and performing it live. As for his songs he says, ‘’If I haven’t lived it or felt it, then I don’t write it.’’

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